The Power of Windows Key

Most useful key in Windows

Maximum User of Microsoft Windows operating system, don’t know the uses and The Power of Windows Key . They think about this key is useless but they are wrong Windows Key in keyboard are most useful, powerful and Important key in all keyboard keys.

With the help of Windows Key you can done many works which consume more time. You can direct reach many places of windows or done many activities directly using Windows Key . Many time you can’t remember settings or foldesr path in windows and waste your valuable time to remember these processes.

Show if you will learn the uses of Windows Key you will done these works without waste your valuable time. It’s simple to learn about Windows Key.

Here’s, we define a handy list of most useful shortcut keys for windows with divide in different categories with sort and simple description.

List of Windows Shortcut Keys for Start Menu or Task Bar

Windows Key Combination


Windows Key
Ctrl + Esc
 Open Start Menu of Windows
Windows Key + X   Open Secret Start Menu
Windows Key + 1   Open First Application Pinned on Taskbar
(on Bottom)
 Windows Key + 2  Open Second Application Pinned on Taskbar
Windows Key + 3   Open Third Application Pinned on Taskbar
 Windows Key + [Number]  Open Taskbar pinned App
according ot number Value like 1.2.3…
Windows Key + T  Moving on Taskbar App
(after select app press Enter key)
 Windows Key + Alt + [Number]  Open Menu for Taskbar pinned App
according to number Value
like 1 or 2 or 3 and so on.
 Windows Key + D Show or Hide Desktop (when open some apps)
Windows Key + , (comma) Display the Desktop (when open some apps)
 Windows Key + F1  Open “how to get Online help in Windows 10”

List of Shorcut Keys for Moving Around Text or Document

Windows Key Combination


+ M Minimize All Opened Apps Windows
+ Shift + M Restore All Opened Apps Windows
+ Home Minimize all windows except the selected or currently active window.
+ Ctrl + D Add New Virtual Desktop
+ Ctrl + → Move to next Virtual Desktop
+ Ctrl + ← Move to previous Virtual Desktop
+ Ctrl + F4 Close current Virtual Desktop
+ Tab Open all Task View and Move to App
+ ↑ Maximize Selected app Window
+ Shift + ↑ Maximize vertically the active app windows 
+↓ Minimize Selected app Windows
+ ← or → Snap selected app windows half screen left or right
+ Shift + ← or → Move selected windows left or right

List of other useful Windows Key Combinations

Windows Key Combination


+ (+) Zoom In Magnifier
+ (-) Zoom Out Magnifier
+ Esc Exit Magnifier
+ A Action Center Open
+  S Open Cortana in the text mode.
(Cortana means Start menu)
  + C Open Cortana in Lisening Mode 
  + E File Explorer Open 
  + F Feed back hub open  
  + Ctrl + F Search for PCs on network 
  + G Open Game Bar 
  + H Open Share Sidebar 
  + I Setting Menu Open 
  + K Connect Sidebar Open
+ L Lock Computer
+ O Lock Screen Orientation
+ P Presentation or Projection sidebar
+ R Run Window Open
+ U Ease to Access
+ W Windows Ink Workspace
+ Print Scrn Key Take and Save Screenshot of the Entire Desktop
in to Pictures Folder →ScreenShot folder

You can use these for your smart work and you may like The Power of Windows Key. Microsoft one of the world top IT software company.

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